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Other services that are provided at the HOPE Center is utility assistance and referrals for services to partner agencies.  Last year 1,887 individuals were served.

The Walk Against Hunger is our major fundraiser held each year.  This past year we held our 40th annual walk.  The walk is the primary funding source for the food pantry and the other supportive programs at the HOPE Center.  Last year just over $14,000 was raised to help feed, provide medications, and utility assistance for the citizens of Petersburg, Virginia.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of any agency, and that is no exception at the HOPE Center.  Last year we had a great out-pouring of generosity and support from the community. We had 3,327 volunteers, for a total of 12,247 hours of service to the clients of the HOPE Center.

Last year the HOPE Center Food Pantry, under the supervision of Saint Joseph's Catholic Church provided food baskets for a total of 7,492 individuals and families.

The HOPE Center's Daily Feeding Program during its first year of operation fed 15,923 citizens of our community.  The dining facility is named after our former president and interim Executive Director Dr. Vivian Williamson.